Jackie Yong

Director & Counsellor (K.B. 08800 / P.A. 08404)

Doctor of Education, OUM (In pursue)
M. Counselling, HELP University
B. Psych (Honours), HELP University

“Please allow me to adventure the journey with you side by side and the fruitful miracle at the end point shall-thou be your greatest satisfaction.”


Professional Statement

Jackie has been working with adolescents for more than seven years now. He started his journey in counselling after completing his bachelor degree. He enjoys working with adolescents as he would like to journey with adolescents in their growing up journey.

He looks into the interest of running group process with adolescents. Jackie finds that adolescence is a stage which is most sensitive physically and emotionally and often being targeted but less likely to be supported. His warm personality yet drawing clear boundaries makes his work with adolescents stays objective. Jackie sees that adolescents are facing too much pressure especially growing up in the era of globalization. They are either being given too much expectations or too little attention in their daily routines.

Hence, he developed a comprehensive health module that focuses on sex education that is suitable for both adolescents and parents. Jackie has prior experience dealing with multiple sexual issues as well as addiction issues with university youths and working young adults. He is also seeing individual clients and in progress of developing support group for adolescents. His work includes but no limited to seeing clients from lower socio-economical background, couples, working adults, extreme cultural background and administer career assessments. 

He uses Reality Therapy, CBT and is currently seeking interest in Sex Therapy as well as Emotional Focused Therapy. He was professionally trained by skilled supervisors during his practicum and internship at multiple NGOs, clinics, schools and university.

Jackie practices a strong and professional ethics in his work. He does not compromise any malpractices in the boundaries of his professional work to secure his clients’ wellbeing as a priority. Jackie believes that practitioners can be both objective and subjective as well as being true genuine self without having to change based on expectations in order to please anyone yet staying in professional position especially working in different settings dealing with different clients. 

Professional Membership & Credentials

K.B 08800 / P.A 08404
Member: #6549796
Life Member: ASH00891
Full Member: 2170000303
International Affiliate: 00973426

Area of Specialization

Melody Chee Hui Ni

Director & Clinical Psychologist (CP1-0212)

PsyD in Clinical Psychology, USM (In pursue)
M. Clinical Psychology, HELP University
B. Psych (Honours), HELP University

“This journey might not be an easy one but will be the one that gives both you and I a priceless experience and meaning. “


Professional Statement

Melody began her journey as a tuition teacher cum personal tutor, and later on stepped into the mental health industry in her postgraduate studies in HELP University, looking into the interest of working with people with invisible illness.

She specializes in working with children and adolescents, and has more than seven years of experience in dealing with this population. Her warm personality and vibe full of positivity give her strong advantage in working with the minors. In addition, her life experience of striving through financial hardship and a bully victim of being someone different from the group, boost and strengthen her abilities to connect well with clients who are going through similar issues. 

She also works with clients of other population such as adults, families, population from extreme cultural background and minors from the lower socio-economical background. Melody is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as well as administering a wide range of psychological assessments. She was professionally trained by skilled supervisors during her practicum in Kajang Hospital as well as Department of Psychiatry, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). She gained experiences in working with clients of various mental disorders including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Personality Disorders and a wide range of Neurodevelopmental Disorders. Additionally, she has also facilitated workshops on a range of topics (e.g. emotional regulation, procrastination, self-esteem) and parenting skills trainings for parents. 

Melody is currently pursuing her Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Psychology) at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). She is expanding her interests into merging structured, systematic therapy protocols with her warm personality as her unique style. Melody believes that clinicians can be genuine without having to change themselves as an effort to comply to a preset schema. She strongly believes that embracing the differences and uniqueness in every individual, remain authentic yet improved in quality of life is achievable.  

Professional Membership & Credentials

Full Member: CP1-0212

International Affiliate: 00969328

Full Member: 2170000304

Area of Specialization


Assistant Therapist

8 years old
Shih Tzu

“I am human’s best companion.”

Professional Statement

Mickey has been working with children, adults and elderly for a few years. She was trained to accompany clients in therapy sessions. As a professional assistant therapist, she is in charge of lowering the anxiety in clients and assist the therapist using her professional skills.

Mickey enjoys working with children the most. She volunteers in children’s home and gets positive feedbacks from children as well as the childminders. She knows her boundaries in her work and never once crosses the boundaries. She maintains good therapeutic relationship with clients and uphold her ethics in not getting overly absorbed with clients’ issues.