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Internship Positions Available

Counsellor Position

To provide counselling services to clients and organize workshops at both the clinic and NGO placement under supervision of the clinical director.

  1. Currently an undergraduate / postgraduate student in counselling field.
  2. Good interpersonal skills / Conscientious and systemic.
  3. Obtained a minimum of credit for the following subjects:
    • Counselling Theories
    • Ethics
    • Career Counselling

Administrative Position

To coordinate the clerical and executive assistant duties, collaborate between practitioners and clients, organize workshops and writing articles. Ability to work under minimum supervision and as an effective team member. 

  1. Currently an undergraduate student in any fields related to Psychology / Possesses a Degree in field related to Psychology. 
  2. Good interpersonal skills / Conscientious and systemic.
  3. Portray strong organizational and planning skills, time management skills and critical thinking abilities.
  4. Has strong background knowledge of Microsoft Office.


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