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An experience of a lifetime, looking on the bright side.

An experience of a lifetime, looking on the bright side.

While there are so many templates on instagram asking about the skills that we’ve acquired during this MCO, for the first month, without second thought, my answer will definitely be COOKING. Honestly, I am someone who can’t differentiate vegetables. Yes, most raw, green, leafy vegetables look pretty much the same in my eyes, I can’t even differentiate spinach and choy sum if there are no labels around telling me what vegetables they are. That’s how bad I am, gosh! After a month now, I’ve been able to cook dinner everyday with at least 2 dishes on the table, soup and sometimes even trying out new desserts. Glad I didn’t burn down my kitchen and best of all, I’ve been able to fix most, if not all, of my cravings with my own hands! Now, that to me, is a new skill unlocked and a huge achievement for sure. 

After almost 60 days now, I think I’ve gained something more precious, personal time. By personal time I mean time that I get to ponder and plan life directions, have flexibility to arrange my daily schedules on the tasks that need to be done. I realise this flexibility has increased my ability to focus and shortened the time I needed to complete certain tasks. I guess it’s because we all have different attention spans and we reach the peak of our productivity at certain timings. More often than not my brain works twice as fast with more ideas at night after 9pm. Probably because I’m just not a morning person and if it wasn’t for MCO I wouldn’t have so much time flexibility to juggle around my own time. 

To be honest, I am actually quite thankful that I currently have this chance to spend so much time at home and have lesser things to take care of on a day to day basis compared to the usual days. Previously, by the time I reach home on a normal day I’d probably just want to end my day and sleep because I have to wake up early again the next morning and hope that I would not get stuck in a jam. Saving time and resources on travelling around has allowed me to save more money on petrol and parking, be more productive and have more time to focus on myself. Can’t be more grateful for this! Even at this point where MCO seems like it is partially lifted, I honestly do not feel like I have the urge to leave the house unless necessary. I think we should still play our part by staying at home and reduce the chances of risking ourselves outside. We honestly wouldn’t know who are the people out there who might have had previous contact with, even they themselves have no idea if they might be infected. 

This MCO will definitely be an experience that I will remember for a lifetime. Never in my life that I’ve encountered times where money can buy you an air ticket but the air ticket wouldn’t make a plane fly. My friends and families abroad had their air tickets cancelled multiple times and still have no idea when they will have a flight back home. This period has indirectly reminded myself of what are the real essentials and necessities in life as opposed to mere desire, sometimes we really don’t need much. Good times or bad times, it’s how we see things that matters. Until then, we’re all in this together and hope it’ll be over as soon as possible. 

At least this beautiful city of ours had the chance to take a short break.

(Photo credit: Malay Mail)

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