Self-screening is to determine whether a person is in need to further assessments or therapy. Screening tools are not equivalent to in-depth assessments done by the therapist using standardised instruments and interview protocols. As such, only proper assessments with reports will be accepted by most of the managements. Screening tools might be used by the therapist in the therapy session in order to assist therapist to perform appropriate screening, assessments, diagnosis, intervention plan or counselling direction for a client. 

Screening involves asking questions carefully designed to determine whether a more thorough evaluation for a particular problem or disorder is warranted. Many screening instruments require little or no special training to administer. Screening differs from assessment in the following ways:

  • Screening is a process for evaluating the possible presence of a particular problem. The outcome is normally a simple yes or no.
  • Assessment is a process for defining the nature of that problem, determining a diagnosis, and developing specific treatment recommendations for addressing the problem or diagnosis.