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Information shared with the counsellor or psychologist is private and confidential including but not limited to scheduling and attendance of appointments, information shared during the session, session progress, case or progress notes and other records provided to the centre. Confidentiality privilege will only be waived when

  • mandated by the court order
  • the client or someone might be in imminent danger
  • a minor (individuals below the age of 18) is involved
  • requested by client to disclose information in writing

However, there is a limit to disclosure of the information. The counsellor and psychologist will only disclose relevant information to under whichever category of waiving of confidentiality privilege. Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed if communication of private and confidential information is channeled over the phone or through email or text.

A minimum of 72 hours prior notice is required for cancellation or rescheduling of session. Client who is absent from session without 72 hours prior notice will be charged a full session fee which is payable at the beginning of the following scheduling.

Counselling or psychotherapy requires a bond between the therapist and the client. This therapeutic relationship is built in order for a therapist to assist client in the session. The sessions are carried out by registered and licensed counsellor or qualified clinical psychologist. Therapist do not provide advice but sufficient guidance and assistance to support the client emotionally using respective techniques and modality.

Our diagnostic intake session is approximately 75 minutes whereas subsequent session for individuals is 60 minutes respectively, for couples or family therapy is 90 – 120 minutes respectively. Time extension is charged in 15 minutes block subjected to the therapists’ availability.

BeLive In Psychology is a mental health clinic without in-patient facility and 24 hours accessibility. As such, we are unable to cater for urgent cases. We suggest clients to turn to Befrienders or Talian Nur for non-life threatening situations. As for life threatening ones, please head to the nearest public hospital.


We are also unable to cater for court proceedings due to the limited manpower available. We suggest clients who need mental health professionals assistance for court cases to get assistance from public hospitals. If a client submitted assessment reports prepared by our professionals as evidence for court proceedings instigated by the client without the knowledge of the clinic, we do not have the obligation to be involved throughout the court proceedings. However, should the therapist be subpoenaed by the court to testify, the client will be billed on (1) transportation fee based on the distance between the court and our clinic, (2) respective therapists rates on hourly basis for court preparations and (3) respective therapists rates on hourly basis during the court proceedings (from arrival at court until depart from court). Advanced payment is needed.

The client must fill up information release consent form in order for information to be released. The clinic will then release a summary of the session(s) to the assigned party. However, the clinic will not release assessment reports as original reports are given to client during the feedback session and to be kept by them.


As email is not a secured mean of communication channel, the clinic is not responsible for any dispute during the release of information to assigned party.

Clients’ data will be securely stored in HIPAA compliance vault with several layers of security features and only the authority figure in the clinic will get access to the information. The data will be kept for seven years. All data management software and procedures are in compliance with the standards set by Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act with proper Business Associate Agreement signed.

Client will have to store at least one credit card / debit card in PlatoPay when making appointment. Client will not be charged using PlatoPay unless during circumstance requested by the client or as stated on our PlatoPay consent form.

All payments made are non-refundable except for refundable deposits (if applicable).

Board of Counsellors
Code of Ethics
Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychologists (MSCP)
Ethical Guidelines for Registered Clinical Psychologists
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