Services Policy

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Information shared with the counsellor or psychologist is private and confidential including but not limited to scheduling and attendance of appointments, information shared during the session, session progress, case or progress notes and other records provided to the centre. Confidentiality privilege will only be waived when

  • mandated by the court order
  • the client or someone might be in imminent danger
  • a minor (individuals below the age of 18) is involved
  • requested by client to disclose information in writing

However, there is a limit to disclosure of the information. The counsellor and psychologist will only disclose relevant information to under whichever category of waiving of confidentiality privilege. Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed if communication of private and confidential information is channeled over the phone or through email or text.

A minimum of 72 hours prior notice is required for cancellation or rescheduling of session. Client who is absent from session without 72 hours prior notice will be charged a full session fee which is payable at the beginning of the following scheduling.

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