Steps for Assessments & Diagnosis

Make an appointment through email, WhatsApp or〖CONNECT〗 

You will receive a confirmation on your appointment (whether it has been successfully made / further negotiation needed). Appointment must be made at least 3 days in advanced. After making your payment online and confirming your time slot, the counsellor will meet you online for the first session! However, if you need a consultation, you can request one before your first session.


Please ensure that you come 10-15 minutes earlier to allow some time for hiccups (just in case). Bring any previous therapy / assessment records you have with you to ensure smoother process (if applicable). If the client is below the age of 18, parent/guardian must accompany client for the first session. A leeway is given to clients of the age 15-18 who are paying on their own.

The first session will be conducted for 75 minutes. The amount of tests and time needed will be informed at the end of the session so that you may set the next appointment for assessments.

You will be given feedback and reports during your next visit. The feedback session price can be referred at our 〖FEE SCHEDULE〗 . If you wish to continue therapy sessions with us, feel free to make further appointments.

Make the payment at the end of session and set the next appointment. You are required to make full payment for the assessments and at least 50% of the amount for the reports during your next visit. The therapist will advice you on the total amount during the end of your intake session.

Once the assessments are done and payments are made, make an appointment for the report collection and feedback session with your therapist. Allow a 4-week period for the reports to be produced. Please note that we do not send out reports through email, WhatsApp or any form of digital media as confidentiality is at stake. Reports must be collected in hardcopy by the client himself or herself (parent/guardian is client is a minor).