Steps for Therapy

You will receive a confirmation of appointment (whether your appointment has been successfully made or further negotiation is needed. Appointment must be made at least three (3) days in advance.

Please ensure that you come 10 - 15 minutes earlier to allow some time for hiccups (just in case). Bring any previous therapy or assessment records (if applicable) you have with you to ensure a smoother process. If the client is below the age of 18, parent / guardian must accompany client for the first session. A leeway is given to clients of the age 15 - 18 who are paying on their own.

The first session will be conducted for 75 minutes and the following sessions will be 60 minutes. If extension is applicable, extra charges will be implied on a 15-minute block.

Make the payment at the end of the session and set for the next appointment. It is fine if you would like to set your appointment later. We will send a reminder to follow up in a week. If you need a letter from us, you will only be able to collect it during your next visit. If it is an urgent letter, a double charge might be implied. Make the payment together with your therapy session payment and give your therapist a 10 - 20 minutes period to produce your urgent letter.