Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. The duration for an internship program is three (3) months starting from the first day of work.
  2. There is no compensation for both administrative and counselling interns. However, there are unlimited snacks and beverages (i.e. coffee and tea) supply in the office.
  3. Interns are required to bring their own mobile computers to work.
  4. Administrative interns will receive a minimum of four (4) counselling sessions for free from counselling interns under close supervision from clinical director.
Counselling Intern
Required to be at the office at least two (2) days a weeks and make available another two (2) days to see clients at NGO.

Will be charged RM600 as supervision fee for three (3) months of supervision afterwhich the same amount is chargeable for another three (3) months of extension if intended.
*Supervision fee is non-refundable even though intern opts to terminate prior to maturity of agreement.

Administrative Intern
Required to be at the office five (5) days a week.

No payment required for the placement.

Please refer below for the application procedures.